24/ 7 Maintenance & repair

Our team of experienced, international project managers, certified local welders, and repair crews guarantee completion of repairs on time and on budget.

Rigs and vessels that once were being towed across the world can now be repaired at with a quicker turnaround, and at a lower cost, thanks to our maintenance division.

lile’s vessel maintenance and repair services include:

  • Project planning and supervision
  • Steel replacement on a per tonne basis (including the provision of certified welders, fitters etc)
  • Blasting and painting services
  • NDT testing and international certification
  • Scaffolding services
  • Marine valve services and installation
  • Staffing provision of personnel from the level of international project managers to certified welders and general labour
  • Procurement services for certified rolled steel and welding consumables
  • General workshop services
  • Marine and vessel surveys
  • Diving services.